Carpet Removal Tools that Get the Job Done

Carpet removal is one of those household tasks that most people pay others to do for themóbut they really donít have to. With the right carpet removal tools, any homeowner can remove his or her carpet. Most of the tools youíll need can be found at any hardware store and may include the following:


Lockjaws are heavy clamps that attach to the end of a carpet strip. There are handles attached to the clamp that allow you to pull the carpet strip backward without stressing your back.

Floor Scraper

Floor scrapers are really for after the carpet has been pulled up and you have to deal with what was under it. That might include padding, glue, or other materials that were laid down before the carpet was. This is often the most challenging part of carpet removal, but with a hand-held, electric, or riding scraper, you can get the job done quickly.

Spud Bar

A spud bar has a long handle and a head at the end with either a thin blade or serrated teeth. It is used for prying thingsóin this case, for prying carpet away from the wall, even when it is firmly tacked down. Once you pry it up with a spud bar, you can grab it with a lockjaw or with your hands.

Double-Edged Utility Knife

Carpet needs to be cut into manageable strips in order to pull it up from the floor, and this is usually very hard on the knife. Using a double-edged knife will make your blades last twice as long, so you only have to stop and change them half as often.

Needle-Nosed Pliers

Carpet installers often use heavy staples to hold down the carpet in the middle of the room. A pair of needle nosed pliers can help pull those up when you get to them. Another helpful piece of equipment in dealing with staples is simply the claw end of a hammer.

Pry Bar or Flathead Screwdriver

These are for removing the tacking strips all around the border of the room. Slide the flat end of the pry bar or screwdriver under the strip until youíve created some space, then turn the lever or raise it to pull the tacking strip out of the floor. If it still gives you trouble, the claw end of a hammer may be helpful in pulling it up.

Work Gloves

Carpet removal requires dealing with nails, tacking, staples, and sharp tools. Itís important to be attentive to your own safety when removing carpet, because a misplaced hand or foot can result in injury. Wearing sturdy work gloves will help keep your job pain free.

Removing carpet is a serious job, in part because it will affect how your new carpet will look when it is installed. When itís your home and your future comfort at stake, itís worth buying or renting the carpet removal tools you need to get the job done efficiently and properly.