Carpet Removal: 5 Reasons to Get Started

Anyone who owns a house, and even some people who rent, may need to have the carpet removed at some point or another. It's a heavy job that will also include the removal of furniture, but a new carpet or flooring will be well worth it. Below are motivational reasons to finally get started with your carpet removal.

Replacing Worn-Out Carpeting

Even if you get a good quality carpet, it's not going to be too many years before the normal traffic in your house starts to wear paths in your carpet. It might still look springy and new close to the walls, but in the walkways between rooms, on the steps, and in front of the furniture where people's feet rest, it will start to look matted down, faded, and worn. Since in most cases carpet is the decorative base to your whole house, it makes the house look tired and shabby. Carpet removal will allow you to replace the old, worn stuff with new floor covering, and brighten up the look of your whole house.

Updating an Old-Fashioned Look

Like anything else, carpet goes in and out of fashion. Even with a basic beige wall-to-wall carpet; different shades, patterns, and textures are all the rage one year, but might look a little silly a few years later. You don't wear outdated clothes, so don't let your house get out of style, either. Carpet removal will make way for a new, fresh, and hopefully, long-lasting style for your home's decor.

Going Back to the Original Flooring

Sometimes, in the midst of carpet removal, a homeowner discovers a treasure beneath the carpet. Older houses were often built before wall to wall carpeting was common, and modern homeowners often like the look of the old wooden floors. It's often a lot of work to remove all the carpet and return to the original flooring, but some people find that the results are worth it.

Removing Allergens from the Air

Carpet is a mixed blessing for those who suffer from allergies. On the one hand, it traps airborne dust and dander, which can often simply be vacuumed out of the surroundings. On the other hand, it provides a natural repository for mildew or other indoor fungi, which sometimes grow under the carpet or at the root of the carpet fibers. In many cases, if you have had the carpet for a long time, an allergist will recommend carpet removal and replacement, so that you can start over new with fresh air and fresh carpet.

Remove Odors

Carpet cleaners may have succeeded at removing offensive, though normal, odors from a home's carpet. However, after a few years of persistent usage, it gets harder and harder to get rid of odors such as cigarette smoke, animal hair, animal urine, mildew, or spilled food. Eventually, carpet removal becomes the only viable choice to get rid of disturbing odors in your carpet.

Removing your carpet is an excellent first step to making your home fresh, attractive, and comfortable. It's a big commitment, but your home is your biggest investment, so it's worth the time and energy.